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Facts on Compressed Air Systems


You will find are large number of informations on compressed air systems on the market. The idea behind the Factsheets is to give managers an easy access to information to provide them with the nessecary informations to make good decisicions. They have been not written to over every special topic, as you can find many specialised book on most topics.

The fact sheets cover the system as a whole, starting from planning, production, treatment, distribution and application up to overall system optimisation. The fact sheets are now available also in English.

They can be downloaded free of charge below.


Fact Sheets Größe
I Compressed Air Application 710 kB
II Basics thermodynamics 320 kB
III Basics measurement 720 kB
IV Production 540 kB
V Controls 370 kB
VI Air Treatment 730 kB
VII Distribution 293 kB
VIII System Optimisation 620 kB
IX Compressed air tools 490 kB
Factsheets I-IX as single file 3,5 MB

Calculating the Life Cycle Cost of your Compressed Air System


To give you the possibility to easily calculate the Life-Cycle-Cost of your compressed air system, we have developped a small Software Tool based on Excel Spreadsheet Software. The online tool will is now available for download. The tool is a multi language version which supports english, french, italien and german. Supported compressor types are screw, piston, turbo and sliding vane compressors

Download Offline Tool (152 kB)

To use the programs the execution of macros need to be allowed on your computer.


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